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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Informatics Engineering and Computer Science


Work description

This work will focus on creating a framework that allows for reproducible and replicable bioinformatics pipelines, while leveraging on the promising results of current open-source implementations for distributed privacy-preserving analyses - Study the state of the art in the reproducibility of genetic data processing pipelines, as well as solutions and best practices that can be adapted to the specific requirements of this community; - Specify the requirements and design tools that support the identified objectives; - Test the tools against the objectives and evaluate their effectiveness. - Participate in meetings with partners, especially the project; - Participate in the writing of publications and project reports.

Academic Qualifications

-Degree in computer science, engineering or similar

Minimum profile required

- no overdue course units;- successful attendance of a Web Applications course unit.

Preference factors

- experience in the use of relational databases and NoSQL databases; - experience in Web technologies; - experience in the use of Python and JavaScript programming languages; - experience using the following frameworks: NodeJS, LoopbackJS, MochaJS and ChaiJS; - experience in the use of software containerization and orchestration tools - excellent performance in programming and software development curricular units.

Application Period

Since 09 Feb 2022 to 22 Feb 2022


Cluster / Centre

Computer Science / Human-Centered Computing and Information Science

Scientific Advisor

João Correia Lopes