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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Human-Centred Computing


Work description

- update the state of the art in immersive environments, pervasive technologies and socialization strategies in active aging, focusing on health, sport and well-being; - relate to the state of the art the ongoing activities in the VR2Care project; - develop research and coordination activities of the research team that promote synergies with other ongoing projects and link their results to the advancement of the state of the art; -define research development objectives and develop networks and funding initiatives to achieve them;- write scientific publications of the results and the report of activities of the scholarship.

Academic Qualifications

PhD in computer science, digital media, web technology or the like area

Minimum profile required

- 1 article published in a peer review ed.- Ability to read, write and oral communication in English

Preference factors

- experience in research in technologies for active ageing and ageing; - school experience in computer science, digital technologies, or related area.

Application Period

Since 09 Mar 2022 to 22 Mar 2022


Cluster / Centre

Computer Science / Human-Centered Computing and Information Science

Scientific Advisor

Hugo Paredes