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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Electronic and Computer Engineering; Robotics


Work description

Development and customization of the onboard sensors data payload. Perform the assembly of the UAS sensors hardware, e.g. RGB cameras, NIR+SWIR Assemble the onboard sensors CPU+GPU unit, perform data acquisition and registration in the laboratory environment, and to perform sensor calibration. Development of the onboard sensors data acquisition and processing software, including all detection functionalities according to the mission specification requirements, develop the sensors interface with the mission software and keyframe data transmission mechanisms. Algorithms development to perform looting and mapping detection onboard the UAS using the heterogeneous sensing payload.

Academic Qualifications

Msc in Electronic and Computer Engineering, or equivalent.

Minimum profile required

Course average of not less than 13 values.

Preference factors

Experience in the development and testing/integration of sensing and perception equipment on-board UAVs; Development of visual perception systems for robotic platforms.

Application Period

Since 27 Jul 2021 to 10 Aug 2021


Cluster / Centre

Networked Intelligent Systems / Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Scientific Advisor

Hugo Miguel Silva