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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Decision Support; Operational Research; Systems Optimisation


Work description

Sectorization Problems (SP) often arise related to geographical issues when dividing a large region into smaller regions respecting specific conditions. Examples are the division of a region into political districts, sales territories or health care and policing areas, solid urban waste collection, school location and maintenance operations. The job will involve a comprehensive study of SP and the development of a decision support system to help dealing with complex sectorization situations.

Academic Qualifications

Degree in Elect. & Comp. Eng., Informatics & Computing Eng., Eng & Industrial Manag. or similar

Minimum profile required

Solid knowledge of any object-oriented programming language;Teamwork capacity;Proficiency in English.

Preference factors

Good Organization; Use of optimization tools; Knowledge in Multicriteria Analysis.

Application Period

Since 05 Feb 2019 to 18 Feb 2019


Cluster / Centre

Industry and Innovation / Enterprise Systems Engineering

Scientific Advisor

Ana Maria Rodrigues