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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Data Mining, Social Network Analysis, Evolving Networks


Work description

This project investigates the evolution in temporal social networks. In particular, we consider networks with high frequency of new arcs and nodes. The goal is to study ways of detecting events in this type of network. We intend to study dynamic forms of sampling, as well as forms of gradual forgetting of arcs. We will use databases of graphs of telephone calls and the social network Twitter to validate the algorithms.

Academic Qualifications

MSc in Computer Science or Informatic Engineering

Minimum profile required

Background on data mining, social network analysis, data processing, good programming skills (R, C++,matlab, Java)

Preference factors

Publications, activities in Research

Application Period

Since 27 Feb 2019 to 13 Mar 2019


Cluster / Centre

Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support

Scientific Advisor

João Gama