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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Artificial Intelligence


Work description

The research workplan involves: (i) the definition and specification of use cases for the application of AI techniques for modelling energy flexibility in buildings, considering different types of flexible loads, (ii) develop machine learning techniques for handling buildings data, (iii) develop and apply anonymization and privacy-preserving techniques to data. The development of these tasks should be accompanied by scientific production oriented to international journals and conferences. At the same time, the researcher must participate in project management activities, preparation of R&D applications, team management and supervision of junior researchers.

Academic Qualifications

PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering or related scientific area

Minimum profile required

Doctorates with reduced post-doctoral experience or without scientific curriculum after the PhD compatible with the category of junior researcher. A minimum of 2 publications in journals or international conferences from the energy flexibility buildings area.

Preference factors

Past experience with the design, simulation and implementation of AI techniques for modelling energy flexibility in buildings. Domain knowledge about machine learning and data analytics applied to engineering problems.

Application Period

Since 30 Mar 2022 to 12 Apr 2022


Cluster / Centre

Power and Energy / Power and Energy Systems

Scientific Advisor

Tiago André Soares