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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Analysis and integration of spatio-temporal data from the Antarctic Icy Deserts


Work description

Perform an integration and analysis of environmental and biological data from sampling campaigns in Icy Deserts of Antarctica through the application of exploratory analysis, spatial interpolation and the application of space models with the objective of identifying the environmental factors that regulate an activity of N biogeochemical processes (N-correction, nitrification, Denitrification and Anammox) in the sampled locations.

Academic Qualifications

Degree in engineering or exact sciences. The awarding of the fellowship is dependent on the applicants' enrolment in study cycle or non-award courses of Higher Education Institutions.

Minimum profile required

- Average degree or MSc (courses part) above 16 points- Proven knowledge of programming in R or Python- Strong command of the English language

Preference factors

- Frequency of MSc in areas of engineering / exact sciences; - Availability to carry out the master's thesis in the context of the scholarship's work; - Quality / reputation of the teaching institution of the degree; knowledge and experience with data science methods

Application Period

Since 21 Oct 2020 to 03 Nov 2020


Cluster / Centre

Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support

Scientific Advisor

Luís Torgo