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News by Power and Energy

Power and Energy

INESC TEC researchers won first and second places at the REN 2023 awards

Justino Rodrigues, INESC TEC researcher, was the big winner of the REN 2023 awards, in the category of "Best PhD thesis" in energy. In his thesis, developed within the scope of the Doctoral Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) - and supervised by two INESC TEC researchers, Carlos Moreira and João Peças Lopes - Justino Rodrigues was able to test the incorporation of new functionalities for smart transformers applied to microgrids and multi-micro-grids; thanks to his work, the researcher received €30K.

24th November 2023

Power and Energy

The future of European distributed energy storage systems is interoperable

Developing open-source interoperability tools to improve the performance of distributed energy systems – this is the main objective of the European InterSTORE project, with INESC TEC as partner.  

17th November 2023

Power and Energy

INESC TEC maps the energy needs of the Asprela campus

The Asprela+Sustentável project focuses on transforming the Amial area into a pioneering model of solar energy management as a sustainable energy source. The municipal authorities of Porto, together with other partners – including INESC TEC – is already working on replicating this “square kilometre of sustainability” in other city locations.  

17th November 2023

Power and Energy

INESC TEC submarine "travels" to Cape Verde for an event on energy transition

INESC TEC participated in the fourth edition of the International Fair of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (FIEREE), which took place in Cape Verde. The event was held in Cidade da Praia (Santiago Island), between October 12 and 14 - with the motto "Towards a fair and sustainable transition". The MARES - an autonomous underwater vehicle developed by INESC TEC - travelled to Cape Verde, alongside three researchers who represented the institution during the event's exhibition, as well as in one of the discussion panels.

18th October 2023

Power and Energy

Protection, control and monitoring of medium voltage networks: researchers develop platform for the substation of the future

The SCALE project, which brought together INESC TEC, Efacec, Armis and the Telecommunications Institute, has ended. The collaboration between these entities translated into a platform for the digital distribution substation of the future - which allows to control, monitor, and protect power distribution networks. The solution has been successfully demonstrated in the laboratory.

16th October 2023

Power and Energy

Smart Grids: INESC TEC promotes training action in liaison with the Atlantic Technical University

During the months of June and July, INESC TEC will carry out a capacity-building action dedicated to "Smart Grids" targeting the professors at the Higher Institute of Engineering and Marine Sciences (ISECMAR) of the Atlantic Technical University (UTA), Cape Verde, as well as a training initiative with business actors part of the electricity sector. This action follows the cooperation agreement between INESC TEC and UTA, signed in 2022.

21st June 2023

Power and Energy

INESC TEC researcher awarded for work on the use of AI in the energy sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have proven their efficiency in different applications in the energy sector, from forecasting to optimisation and decision-making. This is precisely the starting point of the work developed by Konstantinos Parginos, researcher and PhD student at INESC TEC and Mines Paris Tech, under Marie Curie Artificial Intelligence for the Sciences (AI4theSciences) doctoral program; his research work earned him the Best Poster Award at the WindEurope 2023 Annual Event.

29th May 2023

Power and Energy

Smart4RES presents new solutions to further predict and integrate renewable production in the power system and electricity markets

Renewable energy sources are crucial to the decarbonisation of the economy, but their integration into the power system requires a change in the operating and planning model. The recently concluded Smart4RES project led to improvements in the forecasting of renewable production, and it will support the decision-making of power system operators and market agents, under uncertainty and risk.

15th May 2023

Power and Energy

INESC TEC joins a project to tackle energy poverty

Portugal is the fifth country in the European Union (EU) at a greatest risk of energy poverty, according to recent European data and studies, which name our country as the worst in the EU concerning the percentage of children exposed to phenomena like humidity, darkness, cold and/or noise. To address a challenge launched by ERSE – Energy Services Regulatory Authority, INESC TEC joined CEVE – Cooperativa Eléctrica do Vale d’Este to support this entity in developing and implementing a set of actions to raise awareness of energy poverty in the municipalities of Vila Nova de Famalicão and Barcelos. 

28th February 2023

Power and Energy

INESC TEC joins new European project to accelerate decarbonisation

SINNOGENES – Storage Innovations for Green Energy Systems – is the new European project that aims to develop and demonstrate methodologies and tools for the integration of new energy storage technologies, towards supporting the decarbonisation of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

27th February 2023

Power and Energy

INESC TEC part of pilot-project to improve self-consumption and renewable energy communities

The Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) has recently acknowledged a pilot-project by INESC TEC, CapWatt and the Imosede Real Estate Investment Fund; the main goal is to test dynamic energy sharing rules within the “Sonae Campus” collective self-consumption.  

06th January 2023

Power and Energy

INESC TEC contributes to the creation of the Energy Data Space for Europe

Over the next three years, the project ENERSHARE - European commoN EneRgy dataSpace framework enabling data sHaring-driven Across- and beyond- eneRgy sErvices-, with INESC TEC as partner, will develop a reference architecture that facilitates data sharing in the energy sector.

20th December 2022

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