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News by Networked Intelligent Systems

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC participates in mobilising agenda for the sustainable use of plastic packaging

Researching algorithms for visual information processing and packaging quality control in the pharmaceutical industry; this is INESC TEC’s mission within the scope of the Sustainable Plastics Mobilising Agenda, led by the Logoplaste Innovation Lab and the Portuguese Plastics Industry Association (APIP), and funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) – namely in one of the projects part of said agenda: Neutro.bottle.

03rd March 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC leads European project that combines radio communications with computer vision towards 6G

The project CONVERGE - Telecommunications and Computer Vision Convergence Tools for Research Infrastructures, led by INESC TEC, aims to develop a set of innovative tools to support research infrastructures, over the next three years. In the future, research supported by these tools is expected to play a major role in the healthcare, industry, automotive, telecommunications and media sectors.

02nd March 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC organised international workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Biometrics

The third edition of the workshop “Explainable & Interpretable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics” (xAI4Biometrics) took place in early January, and brought together researchers from around the world; the event was promoted within the scope of WACV 2023, one of the major and most important international conferences on computer vision, organised by IEEE/CVF.

14th February 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC part of project that uses Artificial Intelligence to address natural disasters

Address the natural disasters that have occurred in Europe more frequently, with maximum effectiveness is the main objective of the OverWatch project - Integrated holographic management map for safety and crisis events- in which INESC TEC is a partner.

09th February 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

Portuguese institute leads project for the development of 6G communication solutions

Researching innovative technologies for the sixth generation (6G) of mobile communications, supporting the digital transition process of the European business ecosystem through the demonstration of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) THz - this is the main goal of the TERRAMETA project. Led by INESC TEC, the project brings together 13 European partners to carry out tests in telecommunications scenarios.

07th February 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

Researchers test Artificial Intelligence solution for near real-time classification of epileptic seizures

A team of researchers from INESC TEC and the University of Munich tested a solution to classify seizures, the main symptom of epilepsy, using infrared radar and 3D videos. The study presents an innovative approach, which is the first to consider near-real time classification from two second samples, showing the feasibility of a system to support diagnosis and monitoring process (based on action recognition) that uses deep learning; it allows distinguishing between frontal and temporal lobes seizures (the two most common classes of epilepsy), or non-epileptic events. The results of this research were recently published by Nature Scientific Reports.

04th January 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC research acknowledged by the Portuguese Section of IEEE

The Portuguese Section of the IEEE acknowledged João Fonseca, a researcher at INESC TEC, for the development of Artificial Intelligence models to predict mortality rates in patients who suffered head trauma. This work, which was the first to use learning models to study of adult patients, was awarded the “IEEE Outstanding MSc Thesis Award”.

02nd January 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

Portuguese Institute coordinates €16M project for the development of deep-sea technology

The main goal of the project is the development of a reliable and transparent system for the continuous assessment of the environmental impact of deep-sea exploration. With €16M funding - with close to €12M provided by the EC's Horizon Europe programme -, the project brings together 26 institutions from 10 countries, five of them Portuguese, including the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) - also acting as the project's leader.

15th December 2022

Networked Intelligent Systems

Project involving INESC TEC received the Santa Casa Neurosciences Award

  The project, focusing on improving the effectiveness of deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy with patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, using personalised electrophysiological biomarkers and stimulation based on objective quantitative assessments, features a team from INESC TEC; the attribution of the Mantero Belard Award took place at the 10th edition of the Santa Casa Neurosciences Awards.

30th November 2022

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC researcher acknowledged thanks to network simulation software

Eduardo Nuno Almeida, a researcher at INESC TEC, was acknowledged for his contribution to the development of the Network Simulator 3 (ns-3) software, in the ns-3 maintainer category. This software develops an open simulation environment for network research.  

25th November 2022

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC led the organisation of two international workshops in computer vision

INESC TEC led the organisation of two workshops in the field of computer vision, within the scope of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV2022), one of the major events in the area. The monitoring and analysis of the interior of vehicles and medical image analysis with Artificial Intelligence (AI) were the themes explored.

23rd November 2022

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC researchers develop solution that allows perceiving emotions in a speech

The paper “Emotional Machines: Toward Affective Virtual Environments” presents a model that helps to identify the emotions in speech, while mapping them to immersive virtual environments. The paper was presented at the ACM Multimedia conference, one of the world’s leading conferences in multimedia, which took place between October 10 to 14, in Lisbon.  

17th October 2022

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