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News by Computer Science

Computer Science

INESC TEC develops pioneering research in the application of variational quantum circuits to reinforcement learning

INESC TEC researchers have developed a study that aims to show the feasibility and usefulness of variational quantum circuits in terms of reinforcement learning, using quantum circuits in the central processing unit responsible for automatic decision-making. This is one of the first research papers to prove the impact of variational quantum circuits on the policy-based context, and it was recently published in the journal Quantum Machine Intelligence.  

23rd May 2023

Computer Science

INESC TEC develops virtual reality app to support youngster looking for jobs

Can you imagine a Virtual Reality (VR) tool capable of supporting students or recent graduates looking for jobs? For two years, INESC TEC advanced the Life Skills VR project, through the development of a unique app that identifies the strengths and skills of those who are entering the labour market, guiding them to specific jobs.

17th May 2023

Computer Science

INESC TEC research integrates reference journal in immersive learning

The results of two research papers on immersive learning environments have been published by IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies – a major journal worldwide. The first work addresses the collaboration with the industry in the adoption of virtual reality technologies for training activities. The second advances a structural framework that allows, for example, education and training professionals to select examples of immersive learning application that are compatible with their pedagogical environment.

26th April 2023

Computer Science

INESC TEC part of European project to promote and facilitate the use of supercomputing in the European ecosystem

The EuroCC2 project started in February; the new European project by INESC TEC aims to identify and address the skills gap in high-performance computing (HPC) in the European ecosystem, and to promote cooperation across Europe, thus ensuring a consistent skills base.

27th February 2023

Computer Science

INESC TEC and UMinho analyse the impact of the Omicron variant on the efficacy of vaccination

Researchers from INESC TEC and the University of Minho analysed the impact of the Omicron variant on the effectiveness of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 infection. The study published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports, part of the Nature group, is the result of the work carried out by an international team within the scope of the Coronasurveys project.

01st February 2023

Computer Science

INESC TEC research improves quantum programming techniques

Recent research in quantum programming, developed by Ana Neri and José Nuno Oliveira, researchers at INESC TEC – in partnership with Rui Barbosa, Staff Researcher at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) -, proposes the concept of quantamorphisms, a recursive quantum circuit combinator that enriches quantum programming techniques.

12th January 2023

Computer Science

INESC TEC project finalist at the Portugal Digital Awards 2022

The SIS^1 project (Smart Insurance System), a collaborative initiative between INESC TEC and the company NAU21, was one of the finalists in this year’s edition of the Portugal Digital Awards – “Best Insurance Project” category. SIS^1 proposes a new collaborative and transparent management of the traditional business processes of the insurance sector.

19th December 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researcher won third place at the Award

Ricardo Campos, researcher at INESC TEC and professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, together with Diogo Correia, was one of the winners of the Award. The duo won the third place and an honourable mention by the newspaper Público, thanks to the project Arquivo Público, a web interface focused on the contents published on the newspaper's website over time, and preserved by

05th December 2022

Computer Science

Researcher explores the versatility of partitioned Bloom Filters in the design of data structures

The study by Paulo Sérgio Almeida, INESC TEC researcher and professor at the University of Minho, focuses on Bloom Filters, a very popular probabilistic data structure in the design of databases, distributed systems, and communication networks. The study, which demonstrates the versatility of partitioned Bloom Filters, was accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Computers, one of the top journals in Informatics and Computing.

29th November 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC research on Alloy specification language presented at top software engineering conference

A team of INESC TEC researchers working on the Alloy language and specification tool presented the QAlloy extension at the ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE), a top conference in the area of software engineering that took place between November 14 and 18, in Singapore.

22nd November 2022

Computer Science

RISC2 project acknowledged by international journal specialised in advanced computing

The RISC2 project, which aims to promote and improve the relationship between research and innovation communities in Europe and Latin America, won the HPCwire Editor’s Choice Awards in the category of Best HPC Collaboration.

21st November 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researcher leads one of the finalist teams of the European Innovation Academy

Tiago Neves, an INESC TEC researcher, is the team leader of “MetaFitGame”, one of the 10 contender start-ups of the European Innovation Academy (EIA) 2022. “MetaFitGame” is a mobile fitness app that aims to encourage people to practice sports in a fun way, transforming physical exercises into a game.

27th September 2022

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