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News by Computer Science

Computer Science

INESC TEC team contributed to a new version of Alloy modelling language

Alcino Cunha and Nuno Macedo, INESC TEC researchers, contributed to the development of Alloy 6, the latest version of one of the most used specification and analysis platforms for the formal analysis of designs in the early stages of software development.  

11th May 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researchers acknowledged at international conference on software engineering

The paper “Schema-guided  Testing of Message-oriented Systems“, by Alcino Cunha and Nuno Macedo, researchers at INESC TEC, and André Santos, engineer at CoLAB VORTEX, was the winner of the Best Paper Award at the 17th edition of the international conference ENASE – Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering.

05th May 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researchers discussed the teaching of computing in Portugal

The ENSICO conference explored the importance of introducing computational thinking in compulsory education in Portugal. The event took place on March 25, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), featuring INESC TEC researchers and world experts in education and computing.

12th April 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC carried out scientific monitoring of the seismic-volcanic activity on the Azores

INESC TEC travelled to the island of São Jorge (Azores), to join the scientific community in monitoring the current seismic-volcanic activity. During the visit, the researchers sought information that could increase confidence in potential scenarios and provide data to the local authorities in charge of risk management and civil protection. The main parameters being monitored are radon gas concentration and gamma radiation on the island.

11th April 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researcher collaborated with the winner of the Abel Prize in Mathematics

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters awarded Dennis Sullivan the Abel Prize in Mathematics, the highest award in the field, comparable to the Nobel Prize. The north American mathematician is one of the world's leading experts in the development of the Theory of Renormalization in Dynamic Systems. INESC TEC researcher Alberto Adrego Pinto had the opportunity to collaborate with Dennis Sullivan in the 1990s. This collaboration led to scientific work with great impact on the researcher’s career. 

06th April 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researchers edit a book on Operational Research methodologies and techniques

INESC TEC researchers Alberto Adrego Pinto and José Fernando Oliveira edited the 2019 Operational Research IO volume of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics (PROMS) series, together with Susana Relvas, professor and researcher at the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon, and João Paulo Almeida, professor and researcher at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. The volume, published by the influential publisher Springer Verlag, presents Operational Research methodologies and techniques with application in areas like logistics, energy, telecommunications, finance and health. 

30th March 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researcher edits Springer-Verlag book on analysis and modelling techniques

Alberto Adrego Pinto, INESC TEC researcher and full professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, edited the fourth volume of the Modeling, Dynamics, Optimization and Bioeconomics series, in collaboration with the winner of the 2019 edition of the Wolf Prize in Agriculture, David Zilberman, professor at the University of Berkeley, California (U.S.A.). 

28th March 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researcher publishes book dedicated to gamification

Ricardo Queirós, researcher at INESC TEC, and professor at the School of Media Arts and Design of the Polytechnic of Porto (ESMAD-P.Porto), is one of the authors of the book Gamificação Aplicada às Organizações e ao Ensino, along with Mário Pinto, also a professor at ESMAD-P.Porto and a researcher at uniMAD.

24th March 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC research enables faster scientific studies performed on supercomputers

The work developed by INESC TEC researchers João Paulo and Ricardo Macedo aims at ensuring that scientists who use supercomputers can carry out scientific studies in fields like medicine, natural sciences, climate change and others, faster and more accurately. The results of the research work were presented in late February, at one of the most important conferences in storage systems: USENIX FAST.

11th March 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC part of project to help winegrowers manage the impact of climate change

The INFRAVINI project created a thematic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to support the management of climate change in vineyards, currently one of the biggest challenges in the sector. This tool integrates data from sensors in the Douro Region and is publicly available for use by local winegrowers, resulting from a collaboration between INESC TEC, GEODOURO, the Association for the Development of Viticulture in the Douro Region (ADVID)  and the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD).

21st February 2022

Computer Science

New tool reduces the cost of robots and increases their reliability and safety

Whether to clean our homes, manufacture products or even disable bombs, robotics is increasingly used, as it performs tasks faster and more efficiently. Focusing on the development of safer high-quality robotic applications, with lower costs, the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) created the HAROS tool within the scope of the SAFER project – Safety verification for robotic software.

09th February 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC supports Intelligent Mobility in the Urban Quadrilateral

INESC TEC presented the results of two consultancy projects in information systems, which aimed at designing a data integration point concerning Transport and Urban Mobility Services existing in the region of the Urban Quadrilateral. 

27th January 2022

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