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News by Computer Science

Computer Science

INESC TEC researcher leads one of the finalist teams of the European Innovation Academy

Tiago Neves, an INESC TEC researcher, is the team leader of “MetaFitGame”, one of the 10 contender start-ups of the European Innovation Academy (EIA) 2022. “MetaFitGame” is a mobile fitness app that aims to encourage people to practice sports in a fun way, transforming physical exercises into a game.

27th September 2022

Computer Science

New book on Artificial Intelligence authored by INESC TEC

"Metalearning: Applications to Automated Machine Learning and Data Mining" is the title of the new book by Pavel Brazdil and Carlos Soares, researchers at INESC TEC, written in partnership with Jan N. van Rijn and Joaquin Vanschoren.

29th August 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC welcomed students at the “Verão no Campus” in Braga

Close to 20 high school students visited INESC TEC’s High-assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab). The visit took place within the scope of the “Computação sem Fronteiras” initiative, one of several activities part of the “Verão no Campus” – promoted by the University of Minho; the activities took place between July 18 and 22, in the Department of Informatics (DI) of the University of Minho, Braga.  

28th July 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researchers acknowledged for research work aimed at protecting the privacy of mobile phones

A group of INESC TEC researchers was acknowledged due to their research work on the management of permissions on mobile devices. The team developed a set of techniques to automate the response to requests for permissions by smartphone applications, with a reliability of 90%. This work received the award for best scientific paper at the ACM CODASPY conference, which took place in the United States of America.

08th July 2022

Computer Science

Project will develop an information platform to support the forest economy

The FLOREST@ project will enable the development of a collaborative information infrastructure that enables the collection and organisation of data to generate indicators and risk models. The objective is to provide a set of data to support political and technical decision-making processes, while contributing to forest planning and management activities.

30th June 2022

Computer Science

Researchers develop platform that provides interactive resources to support science education

Infographics, games, music or videos are some examples of the educational resources available on the platform Photodentro PAFSE, which aims to support learning in STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Developed as part of the PAFSE – Partnerships for Science Education project, this repository was one of the results presented by the consortium during the first edition of the “ New European Bauhaus” (NEB) festival, promoted by the European Commission in June (Brussels).

29th June 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC developed a tool to identify biological species

INESC TEC researchers developed Biolens, a web application that allows the classification of biological species through the submission of photographs. Currently, the platform is able to recognise a significant subset of the Portuguese species of dragonflies, butterflies and moths.

03rd June 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC supports the data management of a company part of Banco Carregosa

This month, INESC TEC concluded a project in the field of Information Systems for Coollink, a company part of Banco Carregosa, aimed at the development of applications to support the activity of financial institutions. Among the main results of this project, we’d like to highlight the structuring and creation of a data dictionary to support the data management of the CoolBiz solution, a platform that includes the management of financial products, customers, risk and reporting for regulatory entities. 

26th May 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC and UMinho welcomed Haim Levkowitz, a leading expert in the field of computing

The Chair of the Computer Science Department at the Massachusetts Lowell University, Haim Levkowitz, visited INESC TEC and the University of Minho, on May 20, 23 and 25, respectively, under the Staff Mobility for Teaching of the Erasmus+ programme.

26th May 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC team contributed to a new version of Alloy modelling language

Alcino Cunha and Nuno Macedo, INESC TEC researchers, contributed to the development of Alloy 6, the latest version of one of the most used specification and analysis platforms for the formal analysis of designs in the early stages of software development.  

11th May 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researchers acknowledged at international conference on software engineering

The paper “Schema-guided  Testing of Message-oriented Systems“, by Alcino Cunha and Nuno Macedo, researchers at INESC TEC, and André Santos, engineer at CoLAB VORTEX, was the winner of the Best Paper Award at the 17th edition of the international conference ENASE – Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering.

05th May 2022

Computer Science

INESC TEC researchers discussed the teaching of computing in Portugal

The ENSICO conference explored the importance of introducing computational thinking in compulsory education in Portugal. The event took place on March 25, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), featuring INESC TEC researchers and world experts in education and computing.

12th April 2022

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