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Innovation Radar of the European Commission acknowledges INESC TEC project for the second time

The FotoInMotion (FiM), a European project focusing on multimedia, computer vision and artificial intelligence, was acknowledged, for the second time by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar, an initiative that aims to identify high potential innovations of projects funded by the European Union.

20th May 2022

The latest recognition highlights two outcomes: the previously acknowledged technology developed at INESC TEC (Automated Annotation in Images), but also its evolution to a more advanced stage (Market Maturity of the Innovation: Tech Ready) i.e., it has already been proven – through the testing of the solution in a real environment with users – that it meets the defined purposes, and that it does so under the conditions required for concrete use, contributing to a high success rate in the identification of visual elements, with adequate processing times.

The technology Video Creation Platform for Storytelling was also acknowledged; it’s an integrated software solution that includes INESC TEC’s contribution to the Automated Annotation in Images solution, but also other modules that allow adding information regarding the context where the pictures were taken – namely, the location and surrounding sound, among others, as well as other modules that allow adapting this solution to mobile phones and computers. It’s important to highlight that the solution also includes features to create animations about certain elements identified and other useful tools for users.

“The team was very proud of receiving multiple acknowledgments, since they’re a recognition of the work of excellence developed within the scope of the project,” said Paula Viana, project coordinator and researcher at INESC TEC’s Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM). “They are also a proof of INESC TEC’s status as a research entity with key results in the fields of multimedia, computer vision and artificial intelligence”, she added.

In particular, the results of the project (already acknowledged in 2020) include a set of processes and tools that allow transforming a single picture into a high-quality video, with dynamic storytelling and branding effects.

The project ended in December 2020, and the work highlighted by this European Commission initiative was carried out by Paula Viana, Teresa Andrade, Pedro Carvalho, Luís Vilaça, Inês Teixeira, José Pedro Pinto and Tiago Costa.

The INESC TEC researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC, IPP-ISEP, UP-FEUP and FCT.