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INESC TEC researchers strengthen partnership with CENTRA network

Since its establishment, the CENTRA network has been working to facilitate collaborative endeavours that allow the adoption of transnational cyber infrastructures - relying on several members from different countries: Indonesia, the United States of America, Vietnam, or Japan. Hence, and to strengthen the relationships with said partners, INESC TEC researchers travelled to Tokyo to attend the latest event of this initiative.

19th March 2024

Rui Oliveira, member of the Board of Directors at INESC TEC, and director of the Center for Advanced Computing at the University of Minho, and Ana Nunes Alonso, researcher at INESC TEC, attended the event and addressed the search for new areas of collaboration - namely concerning the Edge-Cloud computing continuum and the broad scope of Artificial Intelligence; they also presented relevant ongoing projects.

In addition to this participation, the event also led to a new collaboration focusing on Distributed Learning support - namely the problem and impact of the disparity of models resulting from this type of technique -, as well as on Federated Learning infrastructures support. There was also time to present the work developed within the scope of the partnership between INESC TEC - through the Storage team led by João Paulo and Ricardo Macedo - and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), represented by Jason Haga.

According to Andreia Passos, head of INESC TEC International Relations Service, the institution's participation in this event "is further evidence of the strong international projection that our research and our researchers have achieved, beyond what is our geographical area of activity par excellence - Europe - and the European Union (EU), in particular".

As such, establishing partnerships with entities from other countries, "translates into an increasingly strategic priority for the institution - not only because the problems and challenges that our research addresses are global and require international collaborations, but also because our position in the European context stems from our ability to build bridges with other countries and regions of the world that are part of the EU's strategic agendas”, she claimed.

Rui Oliveira, António Luís Sousa, coordinator of the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), Ana Nunes Alonso and Andreia Passos represented INESC TEC at this event.

The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC and UMinho.