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INESC TEC researchers complete a PhD with a Cum Laude award

INESC TEC researchers Catarina Monteiro, Sara Freitas, and Ricardo Filipe Soares received the most honourable Cum Laude award for completing their PhD and thesis in the 2022/2023 school year – granted by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP).

08th May 2024

They received this recognition at the Conferment Ceremony – Doctoral Awards & Career Award 2024. 

Catarina Monteiro carried out the thesis "Study and development of optical fiber structures based on graphene", within the scope of the Doctoral Program in Engineering Physics, with the guidance of Orlando Frazão and Susana Silva, also researchers at INESC TEC. Sara Freitas developed the thesis "Hyperspectral Imaging for Remote Marine Litter Detection and Classification using Learning based Approaches" in the Doctoral Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, supervised by Hugo Miguel Silva (INESC TEC) and Eduardo Silva (INESC TEC/ISEP). Ricardo Soares, a member of the Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering and Management, developed the thesis "New Models and Methods for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Synchronisation Constraints", with the guidance of Alexandra Marques (INESC TEC) and Pedro Amorim (INESC TEC/FEUP). 

Other INESC TEC researchers also attended this event, namely: 

André Coelho, António Sá Pinto, Sara de Oliveira, and Wilson da Silva, in the area of Communications and Multimedia; António Coelho, in the area of Power and Energy Systems; Hermilio Fernandes and Luís Dias, in the area of Industrial Engineering and Management; João Mendes, who explores the area of Photonics; Ricardo Macedo, Shamsuddeen Muhammad, and Vanessa da Silva, who are dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science and Engineering. 

Artur Moura, João Faria and José Ferreira were part of the list of PhD holders with more than 25 or 50 years of course. 

The Conferment Ceremony – Doctoral Awards & Career Award 2024 took place on April 19, at FEUP.