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INESC TEC researcher receives Mário Quartin Science Award 2020

Ricardo Zimmermann, researcher at INESC TEC's Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE), was one of the winners of the 11th edition of the Mário Quartin Science Award 2020, in the category of Economic and Business Sciences. This annual award acknowledges the best PhD theses carried out in Portugal and Latin America.

26th October 2020

The main goal of Ricardo Zimmermann's PhD thesis, entitled "Innovation and supply chain management: strategies, capabilities, and the effect of fit on business performance", was to understand how the relationship between the skills and capacities of companies for innovation and their supply chain management strategies works to improve business performance. The thesis was developed at the University of Aveiro, under the supervision of professors Luís Miguel Ferreira (University of Coimbra), and António Carrizo Moreira (University of Aveiro).

"We determined that companies developing a certain type of innovation skills, associated with marketing, production or even their learning capacity, for instance, tend to show better results when adopting specific strategies to manage supply chains", explained Ricardo Zimmermann.

For the researcher born in Brazil, but living and working in Portugal for several years, this award is quite meaningful: "I was born in Brazil, I am Brazilian, but I chose Portugal to live for many years; I did my entire scientific career here, at the University of Aveiro, and my children were born here. My whole life is in Portugal. I think that my relationship between the two countries somehow represents the idea of the prize itself and what Casa da América Latina is, as well as their mission of bringing Portugal closer to Latin America, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration between the two countries", said Ricardo Zimmermann. "In a certain way, the research’s goal and nature were almost as a comparison between what is done in Brazil and what is done in Portugal", he concluded.

The Mário Quartin Graça Science Award, granted by Casa da América Latina and Banco Santander, aims to acknowledge the work carried out by Portuguese or Latin American researchers, at universities in Portugal or Latin America countries. The themes must be of common interest or encourage the collaboration between universities on both sides of the Atlantic.

This science award covers the fields of Social and Human Sciences, Technology and Natural Sciences and Economic and Business Sciences, with a prize of three thousand euros for each winner in the three categories.

The researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with INESC TEC.