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INESC TEC researcher publishes book dedicated to gamification

Ricardo Queirós, researcher at INESC TEC, and professor at the School of Media Arts and Design of the Polytechnic of Porto (ESMAD-P.Porto), is one of the authors of the book Gamificação Aplicada às Organizações e ao Ensino, along with Mário Pinto, also a professor at ESMAD-P.Porto and a researcher at uniMAD.

24th March 2022

he work, published by FCA, aims to raise the readers’ awareness of gamification, focusing on its application in organisations, as a tool to leverage business processes, and in educational contexts, thus promoting the interest of different target-audiences, including teachers, managers, marketing and human resources professionals, sales teams, among others.

According to Ricardo Queirós, researcher at the Centre for Advanced Computing Systems (CRACS), “it is an introductory book on gamification, and the target-audience includes all those who wish to start applying this strategy in organisational and/or educational contexts, as well as people who seek to improve other techniques, despite being familiarised and used to apply certain concepts. In this sense, the book provides a theoretical basis explaining the main elements, mechanics and dynamics, and then summarises how the design and implementation of a gamified application is processed”.

“The book explores two dimensions: organisational and educational. It then describes success stories and platforms that support the creation of a gamified strategy. Finally, the book presents the practical application of gamification in these two contexts, using two well-known platforms: the content management system WordPress, and the learning management system Moodle”, concluded the author.

Following the publication of the book, the publisher FCA and the authors are promoting a cycle of two webinars: a session dedicated to “Gamification in Organisations”, organised on March 22, and a second dedicated to “Gamification in Teaching”, which will take place on March 29. The webinars will focus on the themes explored in the book, simultaneously promoting a debate on gamification as a learning and motivation technique, towards improving collaboration and the concept of teamwork in different business and educational contexts.

The INESC TEC researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with ESMAD-P.PORTO.