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INESC TEC research selected to feature on top journal in the field of Health

The article Operations Research in Healthcare: a survey, by Ana Viana, a researcher at INESC TEC, was one of the 30 articles selected for the 30th anniversary issue of International Transactions in Operational Research (ITOR); the researcher’s work identifies the main contributions related to the optimisation of health problems between the late 1990s and 2010. The work was acknowledged as one of the most influential articles in the field

31st January 2023

Optimisation in healthcare is extremely relevant, covering an extensive list of problems related to the management of scarce resources, the prevention and planning of medical treatments, etc.

This work not only summarised the state of the art, but also identified challenges for new lines of health research, based on close to 250 references – focusing on a wide variety of optimisation problems and the solution/techniques used to address said issues. As a direct result of the knowledge generated, there are two projects dedicated to cross-renal transplantation funded by national public funding mechanisms (FCT), with the author as leading researcher: KEP and mKEP; it’s also important to highlight two other projects financed through European programmes, ENCKEP and KEPSoft, with Ana Viana as vice-chair. Regarding the latter, it’s important to highlight the direct reference made to it in the call HS-g-23-51 of the EU4Health Programme.

“I’m very proud of this achievement! Over 30 years, ITOR has published thousands of articles. The fact that this article is among the 30 most influential in its history further values and highlights the quality of the work developed”, said Ana Viana, researcher at INESC TEC Centre for Industrial Engineering and Management (CEGI).

ITOR is the official journal of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS).

The researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with INESC TEC and IPP-ISEP.