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INESC TEC participates in the AquaValor CoLAB

INESC TEC participates in the AquaValor CoLAB, specialised in water-related themes and based in Alto Tâmega; the Institute's goal is to play an active role in the development of multiple activities, thus contributing with the competences and know-how in the fields of digitisation, education and training and valorisation and transfer of knowledge.

21st May 2021

In order to generate highly qualified and scientific employment, this Collaborative Laboratory implements research and innovation agendas aimed at creating economic and social value.

INESC TEC's role in AquaValor will “promote the development of new knowledge-based solutions, in partnership with the business fabric of related sectors - namely in the regions where CoLAB operates -, as well as the advanced training of human resources and capacity-building of the business fabric, while favouring scientific and tech-based entrepreneurship”, said José Carlos Caldeira, member of INESC TEC’s Board of Directors.

Concerning INESC TEC, this type of collaboration favours the establishment of important channels for knowledge valorisation and transfer, particularly among important sectors, both in the regional context and at the national level, thus contributing to the country's economic and social development.

Moreover, AquaValor aims to support companies that are part of sectors directly influenced by the CoLab’s activities, addressing the existing needs, which today’s market players are unable to meet. In this sense, AquaValor privileges state-of-the-art technological and research infrastructures - which translate into laboratories for the provision of services and R&D activities, fully equipped facilities for training activities, and a highly qualified staff.

The AquaValor CoLab focuses on water-related themes, aspects and elements, perceiving this important resource to foster, aggregate and promote economic growth.

The INESC TEC researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with INESC TEC.