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INESC TEC participates in an online co-creation programme to optimise the shelf life of food

The LL2FRESH programme, promoted by INESC TEC and COTHN-CC, ends this month.

22nd December 2020

The LL2FRESH programme, promoted by INESC TEC and COTHN-CC, ends this month; this initiative focused on innovative solutions to foster the development of innovative value chains, novel packaging solutions, food-treatment methods and the next-generation additives.

Moreover, the LL2FRESH identified different challenges addressed by companies and stakeholders in the agrifood industry, namely packaging materials and structure, conservation; security/communication and food supply chain and business model innovation for sustainable agrifood.

In order to find sustainable solutions to optimise the shelf life of food, this European co-creation programme engaged emerging entrepreneurs, researchers and start-ups working on transformative projects.

LL2FRESH selected seven projects – Agrodrone, CATAA, ELM-UBI, Mater Dynamics, PREVSEG, Quality Traceability and SAFE-pack team, which defined a practical approach to disseminate the new solutions. On November 9, the heads of each of the projects had the opportunity to formalise a pitch to several agents in the agrifood industry, at an online event focused on sharing ideas and knowledge about the challenges of the sector.

The CATAA, ELM-UBI, Mater Dynamics, PREVSEG and SAFE-pack team projects had the opportunity to work together with companies and stakeholders in the agrifood industry, in order to develop and demonstrate the value of their solutions.

The five selected finalists received training and mentoring services, and access to an exclusive network of stakeholders and experts to support the development of their projects. The three best ranked projects – Mater Dynamics, PREVSEG and SAFE-pack team, were also awarded a lump sum of €2.4K.

Alexandra Xavier, Cristina Guimarães, Sara Neves and Cristina Barbosa, from INESC TEC’s Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE), were in charge of organising the mentoring sessions, support materials and team training, as well as all the methodological development of the co-creation processes in the different stages of development and implementation of the LL2FRESH programme.

The COTHN-CC coordinated the participation of different companies and stakeholders in the agrifood industry, who were crucial to the different stages of project development, confirming the needs and issues of the agrifood sector with the teams participating in the programme.

The final event, aimed at presenting the LL2FRESH solutions to all the companies and stakeholders of the programme, took place on December 17. This event concluded an intensive day of co-creation with all those involved, also focused on promoting new forms of active collaboration to implement the developed solutions.

LL2FRESH was carried out entirely online, with the involvement of different entrepreneurs, companies and organisations that, together with COTHN and INESC TEC, carried out a true co-creation programme focused on creating value for the optimisation of the shelf life of food.

SmartAgriHubs was the entity in charge of promoting and funding this programme.

The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC.