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INESC TEC led the organisation of two international workshops in computer vision

INESC TEC led the organisation of two workshops in the field of computer vision, within the scope of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV2022), one of the major events in the area. The monitoring and analysis of the interior of vehicles and medical image analysis with Artificial Intelligence (AI) were the themes explored.

23rd November 2022

The first workshop, entitled "In-vehicle Sensing and Monitoring" (ISM 2022), promoted the presentation and discussion of research work related to the monitoring and analysis of the interior of vehicles, focusing on computer vision, machine learning and biometrics.

"Nowadays, news about self-driving vehicles and papers about technologies to perceive the external environment, in order to allow autonomous driving, are quite common. However, less attention has been paid to the perception of the vehicles' interior", said Pedro Carvalho, researcher at INESC TEC, involved in the organisation of this workshop. "The ISM workshop focused on the promotion and discussion of techniques related to the analysis of the interior of vehicles and passengers, as a way to contribute to their safety and well-being. This is important for more common situations, but crucial for autonomous shared vehicles, where there is no driver", explained the researcher.

João Carreira, from DeepMind, and Mohammad Mavadati, from Smart Eye, were the guest speakers of the workshop. In addition, the event featured the presentation of four scientific papers and two leading guest projects: Easy Ride and KARLI.

The second workshops, “AI-Enabled Medical Image Analysis” (AIMIA 2022), aimed to promote a discussion on medical image analysis/processing, also introducing the challenges of whole slide images and images for computer vision and the artificial intelligence community. This workshop also presented research opportunities in the context of digital pathology, radiology, and COVID-19.

AIMIA 2022 featured three guest speakers: Dimitris Metaxas, from Rutgers University, Inti Zlobec, from BernUniversity, and Henning Müller, from HES-SO Vallais-Wallis, who shared their experience on the development of AI models in digital pathology. This workshop also presented 27 scientific papers in digital pathology, radiology and COVID-19.

"In recent years, the area of computer vision has been revolutionising the way medical image is analysed, bringing new challenges, in terms of technology and clinical practice", said Sara Oliveira, the INESC TEC researcher involved in the organisation of this workshop. "These events allow the presentation and discussion of new ideas, towards the development of increasingly advanced solutions, which can be fully integrated into medical departments," she stated.

Jaime Cardoso, João Pinto, Paula Viana, Pedro Carvalho and Sara Oliveira were the researchers of the Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM) involved in the organisation and coordination of these workshops.

The international conference ECCV 2022 is one of the top conferences in the field of computer vision, and it took place in Tel Aviv (October 23 to 27). The two workshops organised by INESC TEC took place online.

The INESC TEC researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC, UP-FEUP, IPP-ISEP and FCT.