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INESC TEC launches executive training in Cybersecurity with Porto Business School

The Executive Master in Cybersecurity – a training programme by INESC TEC and Porto Business School (PSB), will start on February 19, with a one-year duration. The goal is to train experts who seek to protect digital assets and confidential data on the computer and network systems of their companies, government agencies or other organisations against cyberattacks.

22nd November 2023

Globally, the investment in cybersecurity has become a priority for organisations, driven largely by increasing levels of threat. In the second quarter of 2023, for example, the global cybersecurity technology market grew by 11.6% year-on-year to reach $19 billion, according to Canalys.


However, educating employees on cybersecurity seems to be the biggest challenge for Portuguese companies. The study “Cybersecurity for SMBs: Navigating Complexity and Building Resilience” published by SAGE in 2023 concluded that 55% of Portuguese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face this problem (the global average is 44%). These challenges include the difficulty in recruiting people with cybersecurity skills (40%), uncertainty of SMEs regarding the level of security of operations by suppliers (56%) and a low level of trust in the seriousness with which SMEs address said issue (46%). The same study also shows that 71% of Portuguese SMEs consider cybersecurity as an integral part of their current culture.


Portugal currently ranks eighth in the National Cyber Security Index, which measures countries' ability to prevent and manage incidents based on public policy - with a 90% score.


Given the current investment in cybersecurity worldwide and the need for education in this area, regarding national SMEs, INESC TEC and PBS have teamed up to launch the first edition of the Executive Master in Cybersecurity on the market.


The programme stands out for its innovative and technological aspect and interdisciplinary nature, providing specialised knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. "The Executive Master in Cybersecurity aims to provide trainees with in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity principles, technologies and practices and the skills to define strategies to protect digital assets and face cybersecurity challenges, contributing to national and global cybersecurity efforts", said Rui Oliveira, co-director of the Master in Cybersecurity at Porto Business School and member of the Board of Directors at INESC TEC.


At the end of the training, trainees are expected to improve their detection, response, and recovery skills against cyberattacks, ensuring compliance with cybersecurity regulations and standards, thus avoiding costly and avoidable penalties.


More information about the executive master in Cybersecurity available here.