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INESC TEC in the top three best theses on renewable energies

INESC TEC took 1st and 2nd place in the master's thesis category, and 2nd place in the PhD thesis rank, at the APREN 2020 awards.

26th October 2020

Three INESC TEC researchers were at the top three of this year's edition of the APREN awards. The award by the Association of Renewable Energies acknowledges the best academic theses on electricity from renewable sources, carried out in Portuguese universities.

José Iria was second in the PhD thesis category, with his work “Optimal participation of an aggregator of prosumers in the electricity markets”, developed under the Doctoral Program in Sustainable Energy Systems at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). The thesis, supervised by Manuel Matos and Filipe Joel Soares, presents a set of optimisation tools to support the participation of energy traders, who have customers with flexible consumption or production, in multiple sessions of the electricity market. The work carried out contributes to increasing competitiveness in the electricity markets, which may translate into a reduction in the price of energy and CO2 emissions associated with the electricity sector.

João Barbosa earned the first place in the category of master's thesis, with his work on the dynamic analysis of isolated systems with high penetration of renewable production. The thesis “Fast Assessment of Dynamic Behaviour Analysis with Evaluation of Minimum Synchronous Inertia to Improve Dynamic Security in Islanded Power Systems”, developed in the Masters in Electrical and Computers Engineering at FEUP and supervised by João Peças Lopes and Bernardo Silva, analysed the needs for synchronous inertia in isolated networks with a large volume of production from renewable sources, namely those using electronic converters for their connection to the grid e.g., wind and solar photovoltaic production. It also presented a methodology to mobilise synchronous compensators, in order to provide inertia to the system when the minimum limits are not met, thus ensuring the necessary dynamic security to the network.



Still in the category of master's thesis, Rui do Couto was second, thanks to his thesis “Improving Solar Power Forecasting Through Advanced Feature Engineering”, supervised by Ricardo Bessa and Vladimiro Miranda. This work focused on the application of advanced neural networks (deep learning) to short-term forecasting of solar-based production, seeking to develop an innovative methodology where numerical weather forecasts are transformed into a sequence of images. This dissertation, developed under the Masters in Electrical and Computers Engineering at FEUP, also had the collaboration of José Ricardo Andrade.

The three researchers from the Centre for Power and Energy Systems received the award at a ceremony in Lisbon, which was broadcast online.

The INESC TEC researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC and UP-FEUP.